March 2, 2016


Challenge Innovation Technology Inc. (CIT) unique combination of professional information technology services and leading-edge hardware and software solutions means that you have an end-to-end partner for all of your office technology needs. By learning your business, evaluating your needs, and customizing cost-effective IT solutions, our technology consultants will work closely with you to determine the best information technology solutions to fit your company’s specific needs.

Through CIT’s Cloud computing services, we can help you demystify the Cloud and determine whether enterprise Cloud services would be helpful to your business success. If your business need is to move all or part of your IT services to the Cloud, we partner with you to ensure your company’s use of Cloud services fits your operational requirements and strategic vision.
CIT eliminates the uncertainty of IT purchasing, allowing you to focus instead on daily operations. We navigate through potential pitfalls and remove unnecessary administrative complexity.
Our specialists can bring in a fresh outside perspective to share new best practices and energize the team. We know IT issues, and our IT staffing services can help supplement your existing workforce with technically skilled team players. Our senior engineers, architects, support technicians, team leads, and project managers are continually trained and certified in the ever-changing technologies in the marketplace.
We match best-in-class hardware and software with seasoned IT solutions professionals. Our engineers offer expertise in proven legacy computing platforms as well as cutting-edge data center technologies.
CIT helps you aggregate the functionality of many servers within fewer devices. We help you introduce a dynamic virtualization architecture that augments performance and functionality while streamlining IT management and lowering overall costs.
CIT provides a comprehensive data center transformation methodology and ensures a robust Information Life Cycle Management (ILM) capability.
With CIT, you gain the full value of your IT investments. We help you locate and eliminate obstacles to implementing new technology, and offer years of network engineering expertise to design your network and provide the IT solutions best suited to your organization.
The hardware life cycle does not have to end when the warranties expire. You want to get the most out of your hardware investment dollars, and this is what makes CIT’s warranty service and support a valuable tool for your business. Before replacement becomes the only option, you want to get optimal performance from your hardware and minimize downtime for as long as you can.