March 3, 2016

Infrastructure Services & Solutions

An organization’s network infrastructure is a critical factor for business success. CIT’s information technology infrastructure services help you avoid operational bottlenecks, drain on IT resources, and inflated costs. Implementing an optimal IT infrastructure can present a significant challenge, but CIT’s IT infrastructure services can help prevent damage to your bottom line and protect your competitive standing. 

Your IT infrastructure solutions including servers, storage, and enterprise applications; your communications platforms including voice, video, and data presentation systems; and your information security architecture all depend on a robust, yet flexible, network infrastructure. CIT helps you transform the economics of network management by delivering standards-based, next-generation infrastructure solutions. We give your operations the advantage of having an easily managed network through service-ready and business-ready features. With CIT as your partner, you benefit from:

  • Business continuity through service assurance and high availability
  • Support for complex, multivendor environments
  • Interoperable systems that simplify management
  • Compliance with government regulations, corporate policies, and technology rules
  • Adaptability for changing business conditions
  • Automation of more day-to-day operations
  • Better utilization of limited network resources
  • Better decision-making capabilities using up-to-date information, key metrics, and user statistics

CIT’s IT infrastructure services help you gain the full value of your IT investments. CIT has strategic partnerships with market-leading hardware and software vendors representing an impressive cross-section of the most sought-after manufacturers in the industry. We maintain a staff of highly skilled experts for each product line, ensuring that we not only provide you with the products you need, but are on standby to help you improve and maintain your network infrastructure through our IT infrastructure support services.

Our network architects and engineers offer years of expertise in designing enterprise networks. Our real-world expertise in network management and optimization help you maintain IT agility, control costs, bolster security and maintain competitive advantage. CIT’s approach to information technology infrastructure services helps you automate, simplify, and integrate your IT infrastructure to improve productivity at a significantly reduced total cost of ownership.