March 3, 2016

Data Center Services

The data center is the engine that powers daily operations. It can create promising opportunities for success, or it can leave you open to failure. At CIT, we help you design and build a world-class physical data center infrastructure from the ground up, maintain what you have, or transform your existing data center infrastructure. Our certified data center services team provides design, planning, and consolidation services for space, power, cooling, fail-over, recovery, and business continuity requirements. We help you get on the fast-track toward your data center transformation and optimization goals.

A significant number of enterprise data centers are notably underutilized.  It’s hard enough for many organizations to simply keep operations running, let alone to achieve full data center optimization. CIT’s data center solutions and services will allow you to augment application performance and functionality, leading to more productive end-users and increased productivity. For additional peace of mind, we can help with your data center infrastructure management through a variety of service offerings, including the implementation of Cloud technologies when appropriate for your business.

Data Center Services Include:


  • Data and storage network infrastructures
  • Data center security and Identity Services Engine
  • BYOD strategic planning, design, and installation
  • Network access control
  • Unified network fabrics
  • LAN and WAN virtualization
  • Wireless and mobility
  • Remote monitoring and management
  • Intrusion prevention solutions and firewalls
  • Core to perimeter security


  • Utilization and performance assessments
  • Consolidation  and virtualization
  • Blade server implementation
  • Storage integration
  • Virtual desktop infrastructures
  • Multi-threat security solutions


  • Data classification assessment
  • Information life cycle management consulting
  • Consolidation and virtualization
  • Enterprise backup and disaster recovery
  • Data de-duplication
  • Storage replication
  • Email filtering and archiving


  • Enterprise-wide deployment and testing
  • Visibility and management assessments
  • Application acceleration and load balancing
  • Platform migration and virtualization
  • Public, private, and hybrid cloud solutions
  • Performance auditing and tuning
  • Secure client authentication


  • Site planning and floor plan design
  • Rack layout design and installation
  • Power and cooling solutions
  • Backup power generators
  • Cable plants and premises wiring
  • Site security and physical access control
  • Fire detection and  suppression systems
  • Physical data center moves