March 3, 2016

IT Warranty & Support

Enterprise organizations must maintain a sizable inventory of IT hardware. These devices often carry some type of extended warranty as protection against device failure and the resulting system downtime and potential loss of revenue. Ultimately, these warranties expire.

The hardware life cycle does not have to end when the warranties expire. You want to get the most out of your hardware investment dollars, and this is what makes CIT’s warranty service and support a valuable tool for your business. Before replacement becomes the only option, you want to get optimal performance from your hardware and minimize downtime for as long as you can.

Picking up where your hardware vendor/manufacturer warranties leave off, CIT provides robust multi-vendor post-warranty support on mission-critical IT devices. We give you more control over technology refresh, and better ROI from maintaining production equipment beyond the manufacturer’s warranty period.

We are certified by both HP and Dell and have extensive experience in providing critical hardware maintenance services for multi-vendor enterprise environments.  Our consultative approach helps you define your requirements by combining strategic planning with long-term vision for delivery of a solution that matches your business objectives.

We offer fixed-price maintenance agreements with defined service levels, and more flexible time and materials agreements. Whichever program is best for your business, when CIT provides your post-warranty services, we will help your organization realize significant cost savings, a more productive work environment, and service excellence.