March 3, 2016

IT Hardware and Software Procurement

Hardware Procurement

From analysis and evaluation of your current hardware assets through ordering, configuring, and installation and setup of your new equipment, Challenge Innovation Technology Inc. (CIT) experts will help you create a streamlined hardware procurement roadmap to move you forward, meeting your operational needs. But we don’t have to stop once the new equipment is in place; we can ensure operational continuity by managing everyday maintenance agreements. We’ll even dispose of and recycle your old equipment. When you let CIT take care of all your hardware procurement needs, you are freed up to focus on your daily operations and the growth and success of your business.

Software Procurement

CIT’s experts will analyze and evaluate your current software assets and determine the best approach for ordering, configuring, installation, and setup to help you make the optimal software procurement decisions, ensuring you’re on the right path to operational efficiency. We can facilitate operational continuity going forward through a full range of warranty and maintenance services. CIT’s software procurement services can include thorough disposal of unwanted data and recycling of unwanted equipment. Let CIT take care of your software procurement needs and feel the freedom to focus on the growth and success of your business.